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We hope that you enjoy our second newsletter in which we have brought to you some useful information on detoxing, the do’s and don’ts about salt, an introduction on the divinity of Birch  tree sap wine – ‘living water’ and a delicious recipe from our friend, Amy Morris of Great Health Naturally.

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Birch Tree Sap
Latvian name: Berzu Sula
Birch tree sap, or berzu sula (Latvian name) is a traditional beverage of Northern Europe, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Finland and North China referred to as Birch Juice.The silver birch tree is one of grace and beauty, recognised by its distinctive silvery-white peeling bark. A health elixir, the sap awakens at springtime representing new growth. Birch sap is a pure and natural, living water.Birch sap contains many nutrients including natural sugars and acids, mineral salts, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium, copper, vitamin C, Vitamin B’s and iron.

The mature birch trees provide a delicacy in the form of their sap. In spring, the birch sap rises and the tree bark can be ‘tapped’ and drunk for a true taste of early spring.

The tree must be at least 6 inch in diameter to ensure they are able to continue growing once their sap has been used.

This natural energy drink can be ‘tapped’ during the months March/April by drilling a hold at a 30-degree angle facing downwards, just penetrating the bark and inserting a tube into the tree. Using a bottle to catch the flowing sap over a couple of days, it is important to prepare a plug for the hole once the juice has been decantered. Use a cork, wax, moss or twig cut to shape and hammered in. Leaving a tap open, will put the tree at risk of infection and it could die.

The sap must be consumed within a few days and refrigerated to keep fresh – it can also be frozen.

Birch Sap Dry Wine recipe:
alternate the sugar to manipulate either a sweet of dry wine
·         4.5l Birch Tree Sap
·         250ml White Grape
·         1kg Unrefined Sugar
·         2tsp Citric Acid
·         ½ tsp Tannin
·         Champagne Yeast

Bring the sap, concentrate and sugar to the boil. Remove from heat and add the citric acid and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Once at room temperature, stir in the tannin and sprinkle with yeast. Cover loosely  and leave for 10 days. Siphon into a demijohn and leave for approximately 4 weeks. Allow to ferment before bottling and age for at least 3 months.

For those of you that don’t fancy foraging in the woods for your wine, we have another option for you. Simply answer our competition question for a chance to win a bottle of Springtime Birch Tree Sap Wine. This is a first-class wine of nature which is ecologically pure, tasty, curative and freshening. See right for the competition details.

Salt : the good, the bad and the bread!

Salt is vital for our survival as humans. In stark contrast to government campaigning to reduce our salt intake, we actually need salt and water to stay alive. The refined table salt that most of us are familiar with is actually dangerous to health. It is hidden in many supermarket foods to enhance flavour and keep us craving the real salt. Our bodies does not understand why the salt we regular consume does not have the health benefits is requires so takes what it can in terms of goodness from it, which is simply not enough, and craves more.Natural salt contains over 80 vital nutrients, minerals and trace elements. Table salt is processed with toxic methods, stripping away any nutrient content through bleaching and drying at temperatures of 1400F.
Here at Pura Vida, we recognise the essential life force and vitality of natural salt and have chosen to include it into our bread recipes to provide you body with the some amazing health benefits.We could not resist providing you with some insightful information on Natural Salt.

– Effective in stabilising heart functions
– Reducing the levels of acidity, particularly the brain cells
– Balancing blood sugar levels – diabetics, this is for you!
– Generation of hydroelectric energy – providing energy
– Essential for communication between nerve and brain cells
– Vital for absorption through the intestines
– Clears mucous and phlegm from the lungs – ideal for asthma sufferers and cystic fibrosis
– Clears up catarrh and sinus congestion
– Natural, strong anti-histamine – allergy and hay fever sufferers
– Prevent muscle cramping
– Structures firm bones, preventing osteoporosis
– A natural hypnotic, regulating sleep
– Stop persistent dry coughs
– Prevents gout and gouty arthritis
– Maintains sexuality and libido
– Prevent varicose veins
Reduces a double chin!

Did You Know?

Our bodies cannot live without salt and water – period.
The water/salt ratio within our bodies replicates that of the ocean.
Historically, a slow and painful death would be to deprive a human of salt.

Great Health Naturally: Latest Stockist of Pura Vida Bread

Amy Morris DNN, mFNTP, founder ofGreat Health Naturally takes pride on her ethical stance in sourcing only the highest grade products.

A natural nutritionist, Amy focuses on achieving health through elimination of environmental toxins as well as harmful foods.

Consumption of wholesome and natural foods in their bio-available state is favoured over the need for countless supplements and/or drugs.

Having suffered from chronic health conditions prior to discovering natural health, Amy approaches every individual with a down to earth and realistic style.

Her online shop offers free shipping on all orders, no matter what size (very impressed). We are avid fans of Amy and trust her products to bring you great health and vitality.

A bottle of Birch Tree Sap Wine 

We take great delight in giving away a bottle of beautiful Birch Tree Sap Wine to one of our lucky readers. Entering could not be simpler. We would love to know…
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The winner will be notified in our third edition newsletter Wednesday 25th April – be sure to check your fortnightly knowledge in your inbox and we look forward to seeing what you enjoy about early springtime.

Detox Health Benefits

If you are suffering with weight gain, headaches, fatigue, brain-fog, aches, pains, colds or disease, then it is fair to say you are toxic. Now is an ideal time to take control of your health and participate in a spring clean up – DETOX!

Detoxing is a sure fire way of eliminating stagnant and accumulative substances that are stored in the body, and are harmful. If your body stores toxins, then it must also store fat. A layer of fat protects your organs from toxins – unless your body loses the toxins, it will not lose the fat.

If health is your priority then it is important to understand that orthodox medication suppresses any ailments you are suffering. They trick your body into thinking you are well, so never really deal with the cause of the illness in the first place. This leaves you reliant on drugs to feel ‘well’. If you truly want to feel vibrant and well, then you must allow your body to deal with the root of the problem. This is done through good nutrition. Foods that are wholesome and natural and provide nutrients, will give your body the tools it needs to regain and maintain great health.Pura Vida Living Raw Bread has been formulated with these health factors in mind!

A detox may initially make you feel worse before you feel better. For example, if you have suffered with acne for years, you may find that within the first 5 days of a detox, your skin has more blemishes than before. Persevere and you will be delighted with the results after 7 days. Toxins are released from their storage, into the bloodstream, to be eliminated once and for all. To speed up the process, copious amounts of pure water should be consumed.  The idea is to ‘flush’ your body of a build-up of toxins that have been absorbed through food, drink, drugs, environment and cosmetics. Exercise will assist in getting your lymphatic circulatory system moving, reducing the dreaded cellulite.

There are numerous detoxes available but we recommend a 7 day juice fast, followed by a diet of raw, wholesome, small but regular meals. Temporary avoidance of sugars, refined, salt, processed foods, meats, grains, dairy, caffeine and alcohol should be adhered to until the desired results have been achieved. By then your body will naturally crave the healthier foods and recognise the ill-effects of the more processed and unnatural foods.

Editor’s Juice Detox Experience
I found myself procrastinating with regards to beginning my juice fast. In March, prior to Spring (ideal time for cleaning up your system), I purchased some fantastic books on juicing from Amazon and felt so inspired with what I read that I  immediately went out and bought an affordable blender and juice extractor. My enthusiasm was both ridiculed and supported – I was not being deterred, I wanted to experience a detox for myself. I needed to get rid of the years of accumulated toxins that were lodged in the nooks and crannies, to see quick results.  Low and behold, I started my juicing and loved every minute of it. I embraced the initial dull ache in my head, understanding that it was a release of toxins floating through my bloodstream, to be eliminated from my body for good. After only 7 days of juicing, I had lost inches from stomach, toned up and the brain fog had lifted! 7 days of my life was a small price to pay for uch an amazing health, vitality and weight loss boost.

Birch Tree Sap and Detox
Our featured Birch Tree Sap has a lot to offer in terms of detox and health benefits. Birch sap stimulates the metabolism and eliminates toxins from the body via diuresis. It rids the body of excess uric acid, cholesterol from the blood, intestinal parasites, cellulite and excess fat. It is excellent for preventing and improving sinusitis, allergies, inflammation, immunity, liver disease, rheumatism, headaches, strengthening hair roots, preventing dandruff, diarrhoea, constipation and skin conditions: dermatitis, eczema, furunculous and acne.

Before embarking on a detox, you must first undergo a health check with the supervision of a doctor of health professional.

Gluten & Dairy-Free Lunchtime Recipe

Click here to view a delicious, healthy recipe using Pura Vida Bread, compliments of Amy: Great Health Naturally.
Recipe using Pura Vida Living Raw Onion Bread
Living Raw Onion Bread: cut into two triangles
Garlic hummus: an alternative spread to butter
Mashed avocado
Mixed leaves: lettuce; spinach, rocket
Squeeze of lime and lemon
Sprinkle grated carrots
Finally, strategically put the bread together to make a healthy, gluten and dairy-free sandwich.


 “I could not believe my eyes – a gluten and dairy free RAW bread? With only 5 ingredients? All of which I could read and understand very clearly?! Yes my dreams had come true! not only could I eat a gluten free bread that was good for me, once I had got my prized bread home – I found out I could enjoy a tasty bread at that! So I am pleased to announce you can now enjoy these delicious pre-sprouted, living breads too as we are now stocking them in our online shop!”
To read the full review from Amy Morris of Great Health Naturally, click here.