Greetings all Pura Vidists,


Two great things worth writing to you about are happening currently!


1) Pura Vida Onion bread has finally received its new packaging! Available online and also at many West London Shop locations – for more see We are very excited to finally have the costume makeover for our bread – one that really reflects our fun, colourful spirit as a brand.

2) The menu for the Vitality, Longevity, Genius Conference is ready and here it is!!! I have also squeezed in the plan of the day. There is also the link where you can buy your tickets if you haven’t yet and you get massive £30 off if you use the code PURAVIDA here –!

8.30 am: Doors open to public
8.30-10.30 B-fast servedGreen Smoothies from Tanya Alekseeva  from and Granola with nutmilk provided by 

10.00: Main stage activities begin
10.15: Alchemy of Voice with Stewart Pearce
10:30: Keynote Speaker 1 with Q and A.
12:00 – 15:00
Lunch Available 
Raw Onion Bread Sandwich with nut cheese, tomato and mung bean sprouts + Sauerkraut salad with pickled cucumber, carrot and pumpkin. 
13:00: Keynote Speaker 2 with Q and A.
16:00 – 20:30

Dinner Available 
Raw Thai curry with parsnip and cauliflower rice. 

16:00: Free Time: shopping, refreshments and socialising.
16:30: Stage Event
17:00: Keynote Speaker 3 with Q and A.
19:00: Live Music with Anima. Networking, Shopping. 

21:00 pm: Event Finish.