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We are giving away a free trial of our finest and most popular bread.The Living Raw Onion Bread!

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Beautiful Spring

Spring Equinox

The transition period between Christmas and Summer brings us a season of rejuvenation, liberation and lightness – Spring is finally here… with blooming flowers splashing their glorious colours across the earth, clear skies allowing the sun to radiate through our bodies and the whistling of birds penetrating our sub-conscious allowing us to drift off into happy memories.

The Spring Equinox, also known as the vernal equinox has sprung upon us. An equinox occurs twice a year on the first day of Spring (March 20th) and Autumn (September 22nd). At this time we experience day and night at approximately equal lengths.

As Mother Nature balances day and night, we also seek balance in our own lives. Our new awakened strength re-emerges our creative desires and we feel ready to make significent progress with our lives. With such an embrace towards ‘change’, our bodies feel alive with renewed energy. Spring offers an ideal opportunity to make advances in our lives – take an optimistic approach to new challenges.

Pura Vida have taken advantage of the cyclic energy flux creating new recipes, new products and of course new connections through our brand new newsletter! Growth has been channelled through the business to create wonderful breads that we are bursting to share with you. We are very excited to introduce our new breads over the coming months, after all – sharing is caring!

How will you celebrate this time of self-discovery and growth?

Buckwheat Seed

“Staff of Life”

Bread is a true staple of our diet and has been traditionally prepared and enjoyed for at least 30,000 years across the world – colloquially referred to as the “staff of life”.The modern diet has continued the tradition of consuming bread for pleasure, but unfortunately the commercial varieties contain very little goodness. Mass produced brands destroy all beneficial constitutes by refining, bleaching, sweetening and exposing to high temperatures. The addition of gluten and yeast have a lot to answer for in terms of the increase in allergies we are experiencing, with high processed ‘hidden’ salt and sugar responsible for bad health and weight gain.

Opting for wholemeal or purchasing from a trusted source is a wise move. After all, why should we deny ourself such a guilty pleasure when our ancestors perfected such a delight for us to enjoy as part of a healthy and varied diet?

Enjoying Pura Vida Bread is not only a joy, but also beneficial to your health. We tried to list all the health benefits – but honestly, we couldn’t fit them in. See our article to the right, entitled why choose pura vida bread to discover the wholesome, nutritious, goodness Pura Vida bread will bring to your life.

Something to think about…
Bread is often used as a metaphor for basic necessities in life:
main financial contributor in a home
Bread / Dough / Bread & Honey
slang for money
Give us this day, our daily bread
‘daily needs’
Putting bread on the table
working hard to care for your family
Living Raw Onion Bread

Can you Resist our NEW Half Size Packs?

Due to popular demand we have launched our smaller range of Living Onion Bread.

You can now buy 2 slices of raw, organic, living bread, instead of 4. Thats 170g of pure goodness to restore your body and bring a little more sunshine and wellness into your life.

If you are curious as to the divine taste and nourishing effects our onion bread will have on your health, then please visit our online shop or visit one of our many stores in London!

Don’t fight the temptation, this is guilt-free pleasure!

Fun 'Sunshine' Facts

Fun ‘Sunshine’ Facts

Natural sunshine fuels our bodies making us feel energetic, renewed and alive; it enables our bodies to produce Vitamin D which is required for healthy bones.
Importantly the sun reverses seasonal affective disorder known as SAD. It doesn’t take a scientist to work out that the sun makes us HAPPY.

– – – – – – – – – –

Sunscreen prevents the body from absorbing UV radiation. For a natural sunscreen eat lots of berries and take spirulina, blue-green algae or astaxanthin supplements – and more importantly, stop using sunscreen.

Beautiful Bread

Why Choose Pura Vida Bread…

How do we squash all of the health benefits of our sprouted, living, biodynamic bread into a brief article… We simply cannot!
guilt-free – fat-free – bloat-free – gluten-free – yeast-free – sugar-free – wheat-free
Our bread will benefit everyone including vegans, raw foodies and those on a special diet.
  • Easily digestible
  • Laden with the full spectrum of nutritional components
  • Dehydrating at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Ethically sourced, organic, unprocessed, raw and living ingredients
We will of course be highlighting each superfood ingredient in our future articles, after all they deserve the limelight for being so fabulous. Here is an overview of our delectably selected ingredients. 

If you are pondering over trying our amazing bread, then we might be able to twist your arm! You can order our NEW half sized pack  here, alternatively you can enter our FREE GIVEAWAY by liking our Facebook page

Good Words

“…The onion bread is fabulous and really versatile.”
Kathryn, Lincolnshire