Our Raw Vegan Health Food Store

We take pride in offering a nutritious and delicious selection of raw vegan health food, fresh juices and high-in-fibre cereals. For further details on products select one of the below. As well as the 4 different varieties of raw bread, we also have a range of granola which are all packed with superfoods.

  • Raw Breads (6)

    Raw Breads
    *Raw, living, vegan, dried at a temperature of under 45 degrees retaining enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants *Low Fat – no nuts or ...
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  • Juice (3)

    *Raw/Frozen *Sugar Free *Cold pressed *Please note: Juice usually arrives in the UK on a weekend and is usually ...
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  • Other Products (1)

    Other Products
    *All natural seaweed from pure Icelandic waters. Hand Collected, Air-Dried.An incredibly delicious food; eat straight from the pack or ...
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  • Raw Granola (4)

    Raw Granola
    *Sugar free, Gluten free *Made of organically grown buckwheat, one of the healthiest of the European grains(technically a seed ...
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  • Wheatgrass (1)

    *Exceptionally high quality wheatgrass *Highest chlorophyll content - 6.5g per 100g *Grown perennially, in shaded net houses, using organic soil, ...
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