Raw Broccoli Bread


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Raw Broccoli Bread available in either a pack of 5 slices, 10 slices or in bulk order of 20 packs of 10 slices.

Why eat our gluten free bread?

Are you done with white bread, which offers no nutritious content to speak of? Or, perhaps, you are a ‘rawist’ looking to enjoy a sandwich but not so crazy about the oily nut and seed-based raw crackers boosting your fat intake every day?

Are you gluten-intolerant or simply willing to reduce or eliminate wheat and gluten products from your diet?

Are you physically active and looking for your perfect recovery meal or for your compact snack to have during a long run?

Are you vegetarian or vegan and looking to boost your diet with highly nourishing, natural and non-processed foods rather than flooding your ‘plate’ with supplements?

Whoever you are – if you are reading this you probably know that it matters how you nourish your body..

Our raw broccoli bread is handmade and delicious – and it is perfect for breakfast, lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. Mild, but bursting with the raw vegetable flavors broccoli bread is the perfect savory dish or a snack. Spread with mashed avocado or hummus or black olive paste, and sprinkle with lemon juice, ground black pepper or red chilli powder for a tangier flavor, and enjoy the most flavorsome breakfast sandwich or have it as a side of a creamy soup at lunchtime!

Gluten free (since buckwheat is a naturally gluten-free grain-like seed), wheat-free, yeast-free and sugar-free – our broccoli bread is perfect for those with digestive intolerances or those who are simply trying to be kinder to their digestive systems!

Raw Broccoli Bread Ingredients:

Sprouted buckwheat, broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini, ground flax seed, cold pressed Extra Virgin olive oil, grey Celtic sea salt, water

Nutritional information per slice (40g):

  • Calories 130.4 (Calories from fat 19.9)
  • Total fat 6.12g    9.4%
  • Saturated fat 1,09g   5.45%*
  • Cholesterol 0g   0%*
  • Sodium 0,25g   1.05%*
  • Total Carbohydrate 21.36g   7.12%*
  • Dietary fiber 9.16g   36.64%*
  • Sugars 1.32g
  • Protein 5.4g
  • Vitamin A 7.2%*
  • Vitamin C 89%*
  • Calcium 8.2%
  • Iron 10.76%*
      * %RDA

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