Raw Cherry Juice


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Our Raw Unpasteurised Sweet Cherry Juice is produced from 100% Organic Latvian Cherries, and nothing else.

Raw cherry juice Ingredients:

100% Raw Organic Latvian Cherry Juice


This sweet and deliciously rich and creamy cherry juice is gently cold­ pressed at low temperatures to preserve the entire repertoire of its highly esteemed phytonutrients. Most notably perhaps, the naturally occurring melatonin and anthocyanin antioxidants present in cherries, which, though in standard cases tend to be damaged by heat and pasteurisation, remain unscathed in our final juice.  There are over 5000 different enzymes which are the catalysts for every human function. They are imperative to life supporting functions and help repair our DNA help digest food. Because enzymes die when exposed to extreme heat (118 degrees), with cooked and processed foods and drinks they are lacking in any enzymes. Studies have shows that there is a strong correlation between eating heavily processed foods and the incidence of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

This is a raw and unpasteurised product which will last 20 days fresh in the refrigerator, or for 6 months frozen in a freezer.

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