Sea Buckthorn Juice

Complete food, has about every nutrient that the body needs

Contains a huge concentration of Vitamins C and E

The only food in the world to have Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9

In total, sea buckthorn berries have about 190 nutrients and antioxidants

Known for having anticancer properties

Boosts immunity, heart and brain function, is a tonic to skin, hair and nails Read more..

Sea buckthorn juice comes from small, vibrant, orange berries which grow on a thorny deciduous female plant ‘Hippophae Rhomboids’. The shrub mainly grows in China, Mongolia, Russia, Northern Europe and Canada.

After we pick these 100 % organic juicy orange berries, they are cold pressed and immediately bottled and frozen.

Sea buckthorn has a rich tangy taste which may be too much for some. It can be drunk on its own, added to a turmeric shot and sweetened with honey or mixed with your favourite juice.

The ancient Greeks were so fascinated by Sea Buckthorns potential that they claimed it was the main food source of the mythical winged horse Pegasus. In modern science, it holds a prestigious position amongst modern plants because of its pharmaceutical properties. There are literally hundreds of media articles about the power of sea buckthorn.